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Shree Ram Subedi
Spokesperson & Chief of Program Division
Tel: +977-1-4030700 Ext: 272


  • 2016

    29 Jun

    Farmers increase earnings through bamboo-craft skill

    Members of Dithara Community Organizations in Homtang VDC of Bhojpur district have improved their living standards through their traditional skill of bamboo crafts (Nanglo, Doko, Thunshe, Daalo). PAF has enhanced their skills through trainings and provided financial support to strengthen their....

  • 2016

    21 Jun

    People Benefited by a Grinding Mill

    People Benefited by a Grinding Mill A crushing and grinding mill established by a Community Organization (CO) in a remote village of Kharaha, Udayapur has decreased their hardships.

  • 2016

    12 May

    Poverty headcount decrease by 18.5 per cent for Indigenous people

    Community-driven development, an approach to local development that empowers community groups with control over planning and investment decisions, is one of several ways that the World Bank partners with Indigenous Peoples to fight poverty.

  • 2016

    08 Jan

    PAF model plan for urban poor

    With the view to address the poverty in urban and peri-urban areas, the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) has started a model programme.

  • 2015

    27 Dec

    Consultant Portfolio Manager Shortlisted

    The Consultant Portfolio Manager candidates are shortlisted for interview. Please contact PAF office for more information.

  • 2015

    22 Dec

    PAF to launch reconstruction, income generating programmes in quake affected districts

    The Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) is all set to operate economic strengthening and reconstruction projects in the quake affected hardest-hit districts. The Fund will run the programmes in different 14 districts and for the purpose Rs 11.8 million is to be utilized. The districts are Gorkha,....